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County Sports - for all your sporting and fashion needs

Helping you out with all your sporting and fashion needs, with affordability and decades of experience, theirs something for everyone at County Sports!


The Killer: A Cold and Calculated Misfire

David Fincher's latest Netlfix release falls short in its exploration of themes of morality, empathy, and consequence, feeling like a derivative amalgamation of tropes seen in other stylish crime dramas.


Top Ten Films of 2022

American greats such as Spielberg and Linklater, a great year for British cinema and another dazzling gem from South Korea. I name my top ten films of the previous year.


In conversation with BAFTA winning film director Mark Jenkin

The director of the brilliantly original British film Bait joined me to talk about his handcrafted film, his filmmaking process and the current state of cinema.